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When we, at HPCL Retail, review the past two decades, we find many reasons to Smile. We have implemented new ideas, have set high ideals and have evolved over the years. And in the process, we have contributed towards modern, stylish and technologically advanced Retail Outlets in India.

Be it pioneering the Branded retail outlets, called Club HP in 2002 or rolling out new Retail Visual Identity in 2003 or launch of New Retail Outlet Formats in 2006, specifically designed to cater to the needs of various customer segments or leveraging technology to introduce automated outlets called e-fuel stations in 2008, we are always ahead of our peers.

We continued our journey in delivering value to our customers by introducing Standard Operating Procedure in 2010, launching upgraded “Drive Track Plus“, the Complete Fleet Management Solution” for fleet owners in 2012, launching premium branded outlets called Club HP Star with a unique value proposition of Quick Service in 2014, introducing poWer99, the high octane premium petrol in 2017 and launching upgraded Digital Wallet, aptly named, HP Pay in 2020.

This journey of transformation has not only been exciting but has also been very rewarding. Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. At HPCL Retail, we believe in the maxim: Think big, dream big and achieve big. We are the future - a future full of energy.

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  • Rugved Soman
    Posted on: 02-01-2024
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    Hindustan Petroleum Ltd's branch at the Purandar base, nestled at the foot of the iconic Purandar Fort, proves to be a crucial stop for trekkers embarking on the ascent. This petrol pump strategically placed at the base of the fort not only offers a convenient refueling point but also serves as a thoughtful provision for those gearing up for the trek. The accessibility of this HP petrol pump is a boon for trekkers, sending a clear message to plan ahead and fill up before commencing the climb. It reflects a commendable understanding of the needs of the adventure-seeking community, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted journey for those heading towards the heights of Purandar Fort. Beyond its practicality, the petrol pump contributes to the overall safety of trekkers, alleviating concerns about fuel availability in the vicinity. This foresight aligns seamlessly with the spirit of responsible trekking, encouraging preparedness and minimizing potential challenges during the expedition. The Purandar base petrol pump from Hindustan Petroleum Ltd thus becomes an unsung hero for trekkers, a reliable partner in their exploration of the historic fort. As trekkers fuel up here, they not only prepare their vehicles but also set the stage for a journey filled with adventure, history, and the breathtaking landscapes that Purandar Fort promises. In essence, this petrol pump stands as a testament to the synergy between practicality and adventure, enhancing the overall trekking experience for those drawn to the allure of Purandar.

    Posted on: 30-11-2023
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